Modern loneliness and the absence of intimacy amongst London’s millions, are the ills suffered by the quirky yet deeply melancholic 30-something, Joseph Bogart. Weighed down with emotional baggage and feeling lost amidst a mass of failed relationships, Joseph uses his sharp wit and tragicomedy to fight the hopelessness gnawing at him.

As relationships fail and his poor decision-making leads to bigger mistakes which threaten to ruin him, Joseph descends deeper within himself and is forced to confront the root of the secret depression that has kept him awake every night and the private pain that has haunted him his entire adult life.

Joseph’s journey is shaped and coloured by theological questions, vivid dreams and crazy 80s & 90s pop-culture and humour. Through his journey we see the battles we all face, between Fear & Love and Hope & Sadness. Through his trials we discover if Joseph is able to find a successful way out of his life of ‘quiet desperation’.
“I think that what made your writing stand out for me is that you demonstrate such a clear and deep understanding of the human condition and are able to convey that through some very elegant writing. Although much of what you write is quite introspective, you never allow the narrative to become ponderous or selfindulgent but maintain a pace which is easy to read but also never hurried. Your writing doesn’t merely describe a sequence of events, it is much deeper than that, and it is that which I think really sets it apart from that of so many writers. I feel that you write with honesty, freedom and without fear, as you so clearly depict a young man dealing with his innermost struggles – I really found it extremely moving.”

Bill Goodall - Bill Goodall Litrary Agency

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