James Thomas

James Thomas, a born and bred Londoner of Jamaican decent, is an author and screenwriter.

Across his career he has written short films and a feature length screenplays for several independent directors, producers and independent production companies, as well as working in Los Angeles as a script editor. He has been writing professionally since he was a teenager, and has written film reviews for several newspapers, Internet magazines and for Sky Movies 24. Until recently, James currently ran creative writing course for teenagers in East London, and has just completed his first novel My Name Isn’t Joe.

James’ debut novel, a subtle work of literary fiction, tells the story of a young man full of personal demons, self-deprecation and a wicked sense of humour. This story of hope, betrayal, grief and love is told through Joseph’s sharp wit and darkly sensitive insight, as he looks behind the masks people put on everyday and questions why we choose to continue when so many of us ‘lead lives of silent desperation’.

James studied Writing & Directing for Film and Theatre at City University, City & Islington College, Shoreditch College and has completed several writing courses with Raindance and attended writing seminars run by William Goldman, Robert McKee and Aaron Sorkin.

A trained trainer and public speaker who has been interviewed by the BBC, and on Sky TV in regards to his writing, James’ varied job roles and life experience have helped shape his writing – he has been everything from a Corporate Business Manager to a KFC Cashier, he has travelled extensively across six continents (however, Antarctica still alludes him – or vice versa) and has endured tragic losses and enjoyed terrific wins. James’ love of film and books is only surpassed by his passion for writing, and his desire to touch others through this art form.

“| think that what made your writing stand out for me is that you demonstrate such a clear and deep understanding of the human condition and are able to convey that through some very elegant writing. Although much of what you write is quite introspective, you never allow the narrative to become ponderous or self-indulgent but maintain a pace which is easy to read but also never hurried. Your writing doesn’t merely describe a sequence of events, it is much deeper than that, and it is that which | think really sets it apart from Pee A ee CR ks Ah eee A fel ee ee ee oe his innermost struggles – | really found it extremely moving.”

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